Can you REALLY make money online?

Can you REALLY make money online? Absolutely! 🙂

Hello again readers! 🙂

I just wanted to touch base on a few things regarding earning an income online. Let me first start by briefly sharing my experiences with it…

Well, I pretty much got curious about the concept of online money making, and considering I had the time when I first started checking it out (while preparing to re enroll for my classes), I said well sure why not? Thing is, at that time being a new parent and needing to acquire enough for bills and school, it was IMPERATIVE I found something either free (Free? Online? *chuckles* yeah I know) or within my budget. So, away I went click click clicking on everything until I found something suitable. I kid you not, almost EVERYTHING had some type of hoopla attached to it. They get you all hyped up just to say, “pay this one time fee of $100 for this packet and you’ll be earning in no time” or some other type of lame catch. I understand it TAKES money to MAKE money when running your own business, but NOT if you’re spending more than you’ll earn. I thought I’d look around and see what people were saying about the sites that stood out the most…which is how I came to form my opinions conclusive to what I’d already taken notice to on my own. Honestly, for me personally…I can’t be spending a boat load of cash on something I don’t even know works. For over the top gimmicky websites, waiting on a few victims to knock on their tail bones. So I said just forget it…


Literally it was like the very second I said forget this, and accidentally hit the scroll button downward, I seen this company at the way bottom based on what I typed in the search engine. SFI Marketing Group, a branch from the parent Company Carsons Services Inc., and of course, later on down the line came to learn about it’s superstore Tripleclicks. I kept reading, scrolling like pfft it can’t be as easy as 1-2-3 (keep in mind, every other site I’ve gone to asked for my credit card information as soon as I joined, and of course , to the LEFT I went when they did *giggles*), and to my very surprise, they didn’t! I signed up, I tip toed around with my mouse awaiting annoying pop ups about why I shouldn’t leave the page…and yet, nothing. Omg! I think I found it! I Long story short, I joined last year in 2011 and never looked back.


Why not!? LOL…It was free to join, along with FREE marketing tools, FREE training, FREE professional Websites for marketing SFI’s products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to YOU! I loved that I could test drive the company for free. There ARE of course low costly ways to advertise and free ways (just got to give it some extra TLC *Tender/Love/Care*). Honestly I DO NOT recommend this to ANY one looking for a “get rich quick scheme” or those that are looking for an easy way out to earning a real income online. Those are usually the LESS driven people with ulterior motives and fall flat on their faces then blaming everything and everyone but THEMSELVES. So if that’s YOU, then no no…please, I repeat DO NOT join this awesome legit opportunity, it will disappoint the right people looking for the wrong things in the BEST places lol. All the same, I’m eager to work with you if you’re eager to learn. Are you interested? Well then what are you waiting for? Sign up! ^_^  Contact me for details on how.



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“Deal of The Day”

Hello again readers!

I’d just like to introduce an awesome feature to our superstore online, TripleClicks. But before I get into that, I’d like to share with you a briefing on what “TC” is all about., just launched in January 2009, it’s an exciting new destination on the Web! TripleClicks currently features 50729 products and services, with hundreds more new products added weekly, including collectibles and items available nowhere else on the Internet. TripleClicks also allows its members to simply and easily sell their own unwanted items for cash or trade. SFI affiliates can earn handsome commissions promoting products and services available at TripleClicks.

I’ll explain what “SFI” is about in another blog. 😉

Back to that feature I mentioned earlier…it’s called “Deal of The Day” where every day,’s homepage features a different product at a specially discounted price. Usually, there’s a limited quantity available and the product is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, many products featured for the Deal Of The Day are available that one day only and are not available anywhere else at at that price at any other time.

Here is the “Deal Of The Day” for May 4, 2012:

Kodak KS100-C+2 Solar Charger w/2 2100mAH AA Rechargeable Ni-Mh Batteries
Power your mobile device using the sun with the Kodak KS100-C+2 Solar Charger. With the KS100-C+2, you’ll get up to 33 hours of additional run time for your cell phone, music player, or digital camera. The charger converts the power of the sun into electricity so you can power any mobile device at home, on a business trip, camping, hiking, or any areas that don’t have electricity. The KS100-C+2 compact solar charger lets you charge using the sun, via a lamp light or the built-in USB port. It features a fold-out stand for optimal solar positioning and includes two 2100 mAh AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries.

* Color: Black
* Charge any USB device on the go
* Get up to 33 hours of additional run time
* Easy to use, simply connect a USB device to solar charger’s USB port
* 3 convenient ways to charge: sunlight, lamp light or USB port (USB cable included)
* Includes two 2100 mAh AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
* Fold-out stand for optimal solar positioning
* Compatible Kodak Digital Cameras: (M-Series: M1033, M1063, M1073 IS, M1093 IS, M340, M341, M380, M381, M522, M532, M552, M580, M583, M575, M550, M530, M753, M763, M853, M863, M873, M883, M893 IS; SLICE: SLICE; V-Series: V1073, V1233, V1253, V1273; Z-Series: Z1015 IS)
* Compatible Kodak Digital Video Cameras: Zi-Series: Zi8; Zx-Series: ZxD
* Unit Dimensions: 1(h) x 2.1(w) x 4.4(d) inches

* Kodak KS100-C+2 Solar Charger
* Two (2) 2100 mAh AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
* Type A to Type A USB cable

List Price: $39.95

Today’s Price: $14.99

You Save $24.96 (62.48%)

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