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Tripleclicks Gift Cards.











Gift Cards at Tripleclicks- Get yours Free! ^_-

MAJOR  News!

Okay, so my biggest apologies for informing you all so late…but goodness! There’s been so much pizzazz going on this month already, that I couldn’t sit still in my seat! Silly me, right? Ha-Ha! Deals on clothes etc. no matter where you’re shopping whether it’s Macy’s, Gap, you name it…bargains are ALWAYS a hot commodity to shopping!

Tripleclicks Gift Cards

What is it?  Each TripleClicks Gift Card is a standard plastic gift card…redeemable for $12 in TCredits and MRP (Member Rewards Points).

Expiration date?  No, TC Gift Cards do NOT have an expiration date.  🙂

How many can I have?  One person may receive one gift card (new policy instead of 5).

Where do I begin 🙂 ? Simply go to the url printed on the back of the card, and enter the Redemption Code. You’ll then complete a quick member registration and PRESTO! You’re done. 😉


If interested, please contact me for details and surely…I shall assist you if needed. I look forward to seeing you there! To prevent fraud, or multiple people contacting me more than once posing as different individuals, there WILL be a strict policy implemented to ensure safety is of avail.

Until next time….

-Jumblez 😀



Boy oh boy what year it’s been,

What a year it will be,

with family and friends!

I’ll keep this short,

my blessings to you all

Wishing you ALL a very Happy New Year!


Did you think I was getting all poetic on you? [lol] Nah, I’ll leave that for the copy written work only, for this blog 😀 But in all honesty, 2012 was full of it’s randomness…I pray you all have something awesome to look forward to and new accomplishments to set out whether big or small…old or new. It’s never too late as long as you’re still breathing. Remember that. Take care!

Until next time…