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Pricebenders Penny Auctions?

Welcome friends old and new! 🙂

If you have not been keeping up lately with the latest new trending penny auction–you’re sadly missing out.

Today I invite you to learn a little more about Pricebenders and how it works.

“Pricebenders™ is a section at that features live “penny auctions.”

Pricebenders™ Auctions deliver brand new (and, occasionally, refurbished), brand name merchandise, gift cards, and more at prices that are far below typical retail. In fact, prices start at just $.01 (yes, just one cent!). With each bid received, the price increases by just one cent. The final bidder may then buy the item for the ending price (usually a fraction of the normal retail price). Check out our latest winners and the incredible deals being won HERE.”

To bid, TripleClicks uses what’s formerly known as “Tcredits”. These Tcredits are available in a variety of different packs of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200…and for as little as $.29 apiece! Once you’ve got your Tcredits you can immediately start bidding.  Be the final bidder and win the item. Easy Peezy! :-p

Oh and pssst–just as a side note, even when you don’t win…you win.

Why, might you ask?

Because for every bid, you earn 5 Member Reward Points (MRP). MRPs can be redeemed on tens of thousands of different TripleClicks products and services and music downloads. Each PB auction also has a “PTP” (Pick The Price) contest. Simply predict the correct final price of an auction (or be the closest if there are no exacts) and BINGO–you’ll win a share of the PTP Zackpot and a cool new badge to sport on your T-connect page (also provided to you upon joining to play). Play for just one TCredit per entry/auction. No purchase necessary to win. Plus, each entry earns you 5 Member Rewards Points! Hundreds of chances to win weekly and there are no win limits.

In need of a Tcredit to enter?

No problem! You can enter our T-Time drawing, where every hour they give away 60 FREE Tcredits to 30 lucky winners (720 lucky winners each day)! Become a wave 3 member to receive 5 FREE Tcredits monthly; purchase TCredits for as little as $.29 each; or you can have one FREE TCredit instantly added to your account by sending a postcard or letter to SFI’s offices. IMPORTANT! Limit one TCredit from postcard credited per customer per day. Please include your name and TripleClicks Member ID number or e-mail address.

Dept. Free TC
8251 Northwoods Dr, Ste 200
Lincoln NE 68505-3092
United States

Important Reminder: It’s vital that you read all of their FAQs before you join any Pricebenders™ auctions. Make sure you understand how bidding works, as well as all restrictions, deadlines, etc., and Pricebenders Rules & Policies before jumping in.

I hope this has clarified a few things or maybe even opened a few new eyes to the thrill of participating in penny auctions! 😀

Thanks for reading and stay blessed! 🙂

Best regards,



YOU make it happen, no one else…

Hello friends!

This would have to be one of the most important life lessons. NO ONE ELSE can make you successful. It’s all up to you. You’re responsible for your own success. Period.

On the contrary, no one or no thing can make you fail either. It serves you no good to blame education, the economy, or what ever offsets you’ve had in your life. Carrying on in that manner is taking and accepting the victim mentality. I caution you NEVER to do this. Thousands of individuals have succeeded despite these hardships and even worse, so don’t make excuses for yourself and try convincing yourself that some how you’re some kind of victim.

Just like my last blog, the grass isn’t ANY greener on the other side. You either have it now or can get everything you need to be successful. Just remember it’s up to you, no one else…and then just do it!

Success, Control your destiny

Some may think “that’s easy for xyz to say” when they see successful people, or someone they believe to have more than them. H-E-LL-O!? How do you think anyone is able to say the things they say? Freely available to assist you. Take it and utilize it to your ability.

So it’s not your sponsor, your upline, teacher, boss, family, friends…not the economy or the government. It’s not the compensation plan, or any of these things perceived as road blocks.  Success is YOURS if you really want it…kick those obstacles to the curve. ONLY YOU control this. Keep in mind “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

“I used to say, ‘things cost too much.’ Then my teacher straightened me out on that by saying, ‘The problem isn’t that things cost too much. The problems is that you can’t afford it.’ That’s when I finally understood that the problem wasn’t it-–the problem was me!”

-Jim Rohn

Cheers to Gery Carson…he truly is something wonderful in this business! If interested in being a member of SFI, check out the opportunities section



Gift Cards at Tripleclicks- Get yours Free! ^_-

MAJOR  News!

Okay, so my biggest apologies for informing you all so late…but goodness! There’s been so much pizzazz going on this month already, that I couldn’t sit still in my seat! Silly me, right? Ha-Ha! Deals on clothes etc. no matter where you’re shopping whether it’s Macy’s, Gap, you name it…bargains are ALWAYS a hot commodity to shopping!

Tripleclicks Gift Cards

What is it?  Each TripleClicks Gift Card is a standard plastic gift card…redeemable for $12 in TCredits and MRP (Member Rewards Points).

Expiration date?  No, TC Gift Cards do NOT have an expiration date.  🙂

How many can I have?  One person may receive one gift card (new policy instead of 5).

Where do I begin 🙂 ? Simply go to the url printed on the back of the card, and enter the Redemption Code. You’ll then complete a quick member registration and PRESTO! You’re done. 😉


If interested, please contact me for details and surely…I shall assist you if needed. I look forward to seeing you there! To prevent fraud, or multiple people contacting me more than once posing as different individuals, there WILL be a strict policy implemented to ensure safety is of avail.

Until next time….

-Jumblez 😀

No Heat Loose Curls On My Natural Hair

I absolutely adore this lady right here! Her channel is amazing, her music is so beautiful she has such a sultry voice! I thought you all should check her out so I’ve decided to shout her out and re-blog 🙂


#Natural Hair, No Heat Loose Curls On My Natural Hair, Beautiful Curls

How To Take Care Of Natural Hair

No Heat Loose Curls different views

In this video my hair is straightened from my first flat ironed since transitioning to natural hair.
My flat ironed video:
Bantu knot outs are my go to hairstyle for no heat curls. You can do them big, you can do them small. The bigger the knots the looser the curl.
Bantu knot demo here:
This hairstyle lasted the entire day. I did my bantu knots at night before going to bed. It took me about 10 – 15 minutes to do these knots. When the curls are tighter it lasts a lot longer.

I spritzed my hair lightly with water and added a little leave in to each section before doing the bantu knot. I did not use any heat to dry. I slept with a satin cap, and then took them down the next morning.

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How to Wear a Saree (Sari)

How to wear a Sari?

Sorry…I was typing too loud. 🙂 Greetings fellow on lookers! :-p   A request was made by a good friend of mine and I thought…hey why not? [Lol] Personally, I feel the garments are absolutely beautiful! I really love the variety in color, texture, and style! Cultures are a wonderful thing that I respect and adore so much. So on that note, today I will be sharing something I learned in 12 simple steps. ^_^    

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Step 1:

Be sure to have a fitted shirt of some sort for underneath. The heels/shoes you wear play a big role in how the saree falls, and how ever much coverage you may want or need. Hold the inner end of the saree with your left hand.

Step 2:

Making sure the saree is at floor level, tuck the top border of the inner end into the petticoat.

Step 3:

Then pass the saree around to the front maintaining the same height.

Step 4:

Keep the top edge leveled and tuck it in a little to keep the saree firm.

Step 5:

Start folding the pleats from the right holding, then tuck the edge of the saree.

Step 6:

Hold the pleats together and adjust the height so that the bottom edge is at floor level.

Step 7:

Tuck the pleats into the petticoat. The pleats should fall straight.

Step 8:

Bring the saree around.

Step 9:

Hold it in your right hand and pass it to your left, arranging the border evenly.

Step 10-11:

Repeat step 9.

Step 12:

Drape on your left shoulder allowing the end piece to fall casually.