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Pricebenders Penny Auctions?

Welcome friends old and new! 🙂

If you have not been keeping up lately with the latest new trending penny auction–you’re sadly missing out.


Today I invite you to learn a little more about Pricebenders and how it works.

“Pricebenders™ is a section at TripleClicks.com that features live “penny auctions.”

Pricebenders™ Auctions deliver brand new (and, occasionally, refurbished), brand name merchandise, gift cards, and more at prices that are far below typical retail. In fact, prices start at just $.01 (yes, just one cent!). With each bid received, the price increases by just one cent. The final bidder may then buy the item for the ending price (usually a fraction of the normal retail price). Check out our latest winners and the incredible deals being won HERE.”

To bid, TripleClicks uses what’s formerly known as “Tcredits”. These Tcredits are available in a variety of different packs of 1, 10, 20, 50, and 200…and for as little as $.29 apiece! Once you’ve got your Tcredits you can immediately start bidding.  Be the final bidder and win the item. Easy Peezy! :-p

Oh and pssst–just as a side note, even when you don’t win…you win.

Why, might you ask?

Because for every bid, you earn 5 Member Reward Points (MRP). MRPs can be redeemed on tens of thousands of different TripleClicks products and services and music downloads. Each PB auction also has a “PTP” (Pick The Price) contest. Simply predict the correct final price of an auction (or be the closest if there are no exacts) and BINGO–you’ll win a share of the PTP Zackpot and a cool new badge to sport on your T-connect page (also provided to you upon joining to play). Play for just one TCredit per entry/auction. No purchase necessary to win. Plus, each entry earns you 5 Member Rewards Points! Hundreds of chances to win weekly and there are no win limits.

In need of a Tcredit to enter?

No problem! You can enter our T-Time drawing, where every hour they give away 60 FREE Tcredits to 30 lucky winners (720 lucky winners each day)! Become a wave 3 member to receive 5 FREE Tcredits monthly; purchase TCredits for as little as $.29 each; or you can have one FREE TCredit instantly added to your account by sending a postcard or letter to SFI’s offices. IMPORTANT! Limit one TCredit from postcard credited per customer per day. Please include your name and TripleClicks Member ID number or e-mail address.

Dept. Free TC
8251 Northwoods Dr, Ste 200
Lincoln NE 68505-3092
United States

Important Reminder: It’s vital that you read all of their FAQs before you join any Pricebenders™ auctions. Make sure you understand how bidding works, as well as all restrictions, deadlines, etc., and Pricebenders Rules & Policies before jumping in.

I hope this has clarified a few things or maybe even opened a few new eyes to the thrill of participating in penny auctions! 😀

Thanks for reading and stay blessed! 🙂

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Gift Cards at Tripleclicks- Get yours Free! ^_-

MAJOR  News!

Okay, so my biggest apologies for informing you all so late…but goodness! There’s been so much pizzazz going on this month already, that I couldn’t sit still in my seat! Silly me, right? Ha-Ha! Deals on clothes etc. no matter where you’re shopping whether it’s Macy’s, Gap, you name it…bargains are ALWAYS a hot commodity to shopping!

Tripleclicks Gift Cards

What is it?  Each TripleClicks Gift Card is a standard plastic gift card…redeemable for $12 in TCredits and MRP (Member Rewards Points).

Expiration date?  No, TC Gift Cards do NOT have an expiration date.  🙂

How many can I have?  One person may receive one gift card (new policy instead of 5).

Where do I begin 🙂 ? Simply go to the url printed on the back of the card, and enter the Redemption Code. You’ll then complete a quick member registration and PRESTO! You’re done. 😉


If interested, please contact me for details and surely…I shall assist you if needed. I look forward to seeing you there! To prevent fraud, or multiple people contacting me more than once posing as different individuals, there WILL be a strict policy implemented to ensure safety is of avail.

Until next time….

-Jumblez 😀

“Black Friday” -Financial Madness!?

Boy oh Boy oh GIRL! 😮 *giggles*

Black Friday shopping frenzies

“B.F” shoppers…please, please, PLEASE! This year be CAREFUL for a number of reasons!! Be wise in your spending, surroundings, item purchases, and of course of the little ones that MAY be out shopping as well with their parents. I truly hope they stay in this year, because I know this is the time of year in which people get stomped on in the aisles. (Lol) Well now and of course around Christmas. [Haha]

  • Avoid irritable looking shoppers (they’re careless & will knock you over) LOL!
  • Don’t allow the sales person to “over sell you” on flashy items! 
  • Do your homework on bargains at different stores for particular items
  • Never buy what you don’t need (black friday or not) haha
  • Never be too shy to check clearance racks

Since we’re talking shopping you know I have to discuss Tripleclicks. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t [Haha]. If you’re big on stylish jewelry for amazing prices, “Leahs Gifts” store is the place to go for sure! I’ve ordered from her a few times and o.m.g, the compliments would not stop coming from friends and family. Check her out and surely you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The wedding rings especially, oh man. Sometimes she leaves little surprises with your order 😉 . Got to love that! 

Enjoy the  shopping madness everyone and save yourself the hassle, sleep in and order a few things online. Tons of places to choose from! ^_^







(All rights to this photo due to Matthew Staver, Bloomberg)


Until next time….


Green Cleaning Tips-Keeping It “Naturally” Friendly!

Hi my faithful readers! 🙂

I’d just like to touch base on this very common topic that I felt I personally should highlight on my blog. Now I’ve been making some minuet but rather effective changes in my lifestyle regarding the way I clean and what I’m using, the way I consume my meals and transportation of course. Baby steps baby steps 😉 [lol]. For a few reasons…

  1. Self/loved ones->As a parent, child to two awesome parents, grandchild, so on & so fourth…I owe it to not just them, but myself to remain healthy & alive for as long as possible. Mainly for my amazing child 🙂
  2. Active->I miss playing sports.
  3. Health->The majority of those I love and care about at home have asthma (toxic chemicals being inhaled are not a good look)

Now that I’ve touched base on the top main reasons, I will continue by sharing a few cool, easy, and low costly ways to go green & still clean in between. 😉 As I’m sure you all know and have heard…

  • Vinegar works wonderfully as an all purpose cleaner, dilute it with a proportioned amount of water in a spray bottle and you’re good to go. It’s a great and natural deodorizer and disinfectant. (Apple cider vinegar diluted with water of course, is also great on co-washing your scalp;roots & hair! Be sure to do a test on a small area first to avoid any changes in color. I caution you that improperly diluted vinegar is acidic and can eat away at tile grout and marble surfaces. Works amazingly in bathrooms, kitchens, and the laundry room. To find out in what other ways be sure to check out: (http://housekeeping.about.com/od/environment/a/Homemade-And-Natural-Cleaning-Products.htm)
  • Lemon Juice is another great way to get rid of soap scum and water deposits
  • Baking Soda reminds me of comet or ajax that come sin that powdered form? Yeah, awesome substitute!

There are many more options left available to you, but unfortunately I won’t be able to express that here at the moment. In the meantime, you can check out my sub-domain with wix, and click my other blog there for the details. Sooner than later I’ll be able to blog here freely. Until then…… 🙂


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Growing Cucumbers & Tomatoes

Hello again and welcome readers!

I just briefly wanted to share my experience with growing cucumbers and tomatoes from home. I initially wanted to begin this little journey, because I missed planting, and watching them grow. My mom used to ALWAYS have plants at home, and me and my brother got to name them each and learn their purposes. Of course being as young as we were, we gave them Pokemon names, haha! Those were the good ole days. The living room was full of beautiful green plants all different shapes, shades, textures, and sizes. We had pets back then during various times in our lives, this in particular time we owned an angora Egyptian cat. Beautiful long fluffy white fur, so sweet and so smart! Unfortunately we had to give him away :-(, but I mention Egypt (our cat) because he loved nibbling on the plants (which let us know he was getting sick) a lot of the plants are known to aid the ill.

So any who ->before I get off topic here lol….

I’ve been learning to plant since 1st grade when they had you do a project on growing the Lima bean in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel….ah them days lol. We even had eggs hatched and they were the cutest little baby chicks ever. Such a fun experience! So, for these many reasons, I’ve been really interested in the concept of life, and being able to contribute to it in the best of ways. Plus, I found it to be such a financial relief, to have your own mini garden with the essentials you need, verses paying for something with an unknown origin. *wink wink* (Haha)….So  I started my cucumbers, they were growing just fine as you’ll see in the video, but I transferred them improperly I think and didn’t know to remove the old soil from the mini cup it was in, when entering into fresh new soil. The pot was also too big and didn’t have any holes at the bottom to allow air to circulate and for it to properly drain. The tomatoes, one night I left them on top of the damp soil beside the cucumbers (yes the pot was big enough to fit everything lol) and I slept forgetting to remove it. How unfortunate when I came back to find mold creeping up the sides. They were too young to be transferred and really had been growing much more than it shows in this clip. I was so sad they both were dying and felt a bit guilty. :-/

In short, I will be more prepared for next time, and theirs tons of information out there available to everyone. I wanted to get a feel for things first I guess (impatient ole me). I hope you’ve enjoyed the video, and my blabbering lol. Be sure to keep up with future postings.


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Can you REALLY make money online?

Can you REALLY make money online? Absolutely! 🙂

Hello again readers! 🙂

I just wanted to touch base on a few things regarding earning an income online. Let me first start by briefly sharing my experiences with it…

Well, I pretty much got curious about the concept of online money making, and considering I had the time when I first started checking it out (while preparing to re enroll for my classes), I said well sure why not? Thing is, at that time being a new parent and needing to acquire enough for bills and school, it was IMPERATIVE I found something either free (Free? Online? *chuckles* yeah I know) or within my budget. So, away I went click click clicking on everything until I found something suitable. I kid you not, almost EVERYTHING had some type of hoopla attached to it. They get you all hyped up just to say, “pay this one time fee of $100 for this packet and you’ll be earning in no time” or some other type of lame catch. I understand it TAKES money to MAKE money when running your own business, but NOT if you’re spending more than you’ll earn. I thought I’d look around and see what people were saying about the sites that stood out the most…which is how I came to form my opinions conclusive to what I’d already taken notice to on my own. Honestly, for me personally…I can’t be spending a boat load of cash on something I don’t even know works. For over the top gimmicky websites, waiting on a few victims to knock on their tail bones. So I said just forget it…


Literally it was like the very second I said forget this, and accidentally hit the scroll button downward, I seen this company at the way bottom based on what I typed in the search engine. SFI Marketing Group, a branch from the parent Company Carsons Services Inc., and of course, later on down the line came to learn about it’s superstore Tripleclicks. I kept reading, scrolling like pfft it can’t be as easy as 1-2-3 (keep in mind, every other site I’ve gone to asked for my credit card information as soon as I joined, and of course , to the LEFT I went when they did *giggles*), and to my very surprise, they didn’t! I signed up, I tip toed around with my mouse awaiting annoying pop ups about why I shouldn’t leave the page…and yet, nothing. Omg! I think I found it! I thought..wow. Long story short, I joined last year in 2011 and never looked back.


Why not!? LOL…It was free to join, along with FREE marketing tools, FREE training, FREE professional Websites for marketing SFI’s products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to YOU! I loved that I could test drive the company for free. There ARE of course low costly ways to advertise and free ways (just got to give it some extra TLC *Tender/Love/Care*). Honestly I DO NOT recommend this to ANY one looking for a “get rich quick scheme” or those that are looking for an easy way out to earning a real income online. Those are usually the LESS driven people with ulterior motives and fall flat on their faces then blaming everything and everyone but THEMSELVES. So if that’s YOU, then no no…please, I repeat DO NOT join this awesome legit opportunity, it will disappoint the right people looking for the wrong things in the BEST places lol. All the same, I’m eager to work with you if you’re eager to learn. Are you interested? Well then what are you waiting for? Sign up! ^_^  Contact me for details on how.



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