What’s 2013 mean for YOU?

Greetings young whip-pa snappers! 😀

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New years Eve and New years day are right around the corner. How cliche of me to blog about it right? Ah well, you’ll thank me later…[lol]. It’s a Monday night, you’re sitting at home counting down the clock…sipping your egg-nog or whatever it is you’ll be drinking to bring in the New Year (I hope it’s water) Haha…No… seriously. What’s on your list of good things for the following year? And by list, let me make this VERRRRRRY clear! I do mean IMPLEMENTED tasks into your daily, weekly or monthly routines! [lol] I too, am guilty of jotting things down and never getting around to them. So, let’s toast to motivation people! Be a little kinder, knock the bad habits and procrastination. Dream BIG but work even bigger than you dream! Do something thoughtful for yourself and those you love. Heck, try something new (positive & inspiring…nothing crazy lol). Just BE, enjoy, prosper, LIVE!

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I have a few things up my sleeve for 2013 but we shall see when it gets here. 😉 Be blessed readers! Share your thoughts, questions, comments, goals in the section below. I’m anxious to hear what you have in mind! 😀


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No Heat Loose Curls On My Natural Hair

I absolutely adore this lady right here! Her channel is amazing, her music is so beautiful she has such a sultry voice! I thought you all should check her out so I’ve decided to shout her out and re-blog 🙂


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How To Take Care Of Natural Hair

No Heat Loose Curls different views

In this video my hair is straightened from my first flat ironed since transitioning to natural hair.
My flat ironed video: http://youtu.be/bJAmSA1HlL0
Bantu knot outs are my go to hairstyle for no heat curls. You can do them big, you can do them small. The bigger the knots the looser the curl.
Bantu knot demo here: http://youtu.be/20oOLMm8Cbs
This hairstyle lasted the entire day. I did my bantu knots at night before going to bed. It took me about 10 – 15 minutes to do these knots. When the curls are tighter it lasts a lot longer.

I spritzed my hair lightly with water and added a little leave in to each section before doing the bantu knot. I did not use any heat to dry. I slept with a satin cap, and then took them down the next morning.

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For My Youth…

Hello readers,

success for the youth

To my youth, boy or girl…welcome. Let me have a few moments of your time like there’s nobody else in the world listening but you and I. Tell me about yourself…in as many or as little words deemed necessary. I’d like to know. Will you? CAN you? What are your biggest obstacles in life? What are the least? Did you know that with every whimsical moment in our lives, we absorb a lesson? Are you aware of the effects of a well absorbed experienced individual? Do my questions make you think….or skim down the page? Are you patiently awaiting the grand finale of this blog or are you running away consciously and subconsciously? Stay a while. No matter where you are in your life, minimal or major…stay here for a moment and take heed of my words.

Hi, I’m a 25 year old student, mother of one, sister to four, daughter to two and cousin/niece to MANY! Grandchild of some amazingly diverse individuals. I chose very early in my life what kind of person I wanted to be before I realized I was doing it. So here we are…I’ve formerly introduced myself by stature (not the traditional IE: Name, location, etc etc). When you meet someone, that’s only first based knowledge information. Now that you have an understanding of me…can I, of you too? What drives you in the morning? Are you reading this from the comfort of your snugly bedroom, or a public library because home isn’t an option? Let me tell you, I love you. Why? Because you’re here…and you’re human…and you’re probably still reading at this point and that alone shows me you’re either interested or seeking something fruitful.

I will try and remain brief in my words. Answer me this, for those of you with key to life tipsforzipwoes that consist of frivolous things and yet feel you should remove the small amount of consistency in your lives just to “entertain” that frivolous moment, don’t. Preteens, teens, young adults…this is for you. Adults, and elderly too. Grab hold of your life and your choices as though there is nothing better to do. Like it’s your last drop of water after an intense workout and no air. Never allow a person, place, or thing to deter you from your goals. Keep your body, mind and soul free of all things wrong in this world. Free your “book bags” of clutter and old “test sheets” from last quarter/semester that keep you in a backwards motion. When it’s just YOU fighting in defense for a positive belief in growth, development and beneficial change…stand alone but never FEEL alone. I challenge you…all of you. Drop the zero stories of people in your life meant to deprive you of greatness, and the car that never starts on your way to work because you don’t have enough to afford a better one…or the “I’m too scared” to try something new. Stop…Strive…Succeed. There’s only one person riding your bus in this thing we call life. Steer it straight and steady. I hope this has helped in some way.

Who do you want to help today? Peace and blessings….

Until next time…