Say “NO” to Excuses!

Hi you beautiful reader you!

It feels like forever since my last post. But I’m here, I’m here!

On a daily we’re faced with all sorts of challenges. I, unfortunately…experienced that first hand but all in one sitting. From the loss of an amazing friend (may you R.I.P), to family, health and all other things that we deal with on a day to day basis. It’s important that we remember our purpose in life…to really feel and be in the moment. There is nothing worse than feeling like a third party to your own story. It can get overwhelming–and challenging, but the challenges are what shape us into the characters we are and become.

As tough and as trying as those moments may be for your life in all of it’s aspects, we’re still forced to wake up and carry on. Why not carry on and eliminate any of the reasons that fall into the category of excuses? The following would be a few prime examples:


  • I’m too tired
  • I don’t have the resources
  • I’m broke
  • Change is too hard, I give up
  • Fearing the unknown
  • It’s too late
  • I’m too busy

Say NO to excuses! These are all fine examples of how to hold yourself back.  Self sabotage. Don’t be your own worst enemy in life. When you feel like you’re drowning in an overwhelming pool of destruction, it’s okay to stop…look around and make a way for yourself. Even if that means uprooting from your comfort zone. That’s never easy, but what ever is? If you don’t know better to do better, then start from there (the conscious state of mind that has recognized there is an issue) and acquire the knowledge you need to get to where you want to be. We are blessed with more than enough resources these days that a simple library card or computer access can help assist you with. I mean…you’re here now reading this blog–right? I want for YOU what I’d want for anyone. True happiness…and success according to your very own goals. Above all, inner peace.

Love ones self wholeheartedly. Be blessed and cheers to a new year!