Strong Future International? [S.F.I]

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I have a few business blogs up here I suppose, but I wanted to touch base on the aftermath of signing up with SFI, for those of you who have asked oh so many times…here it is ^_^

                                           -To Join S.F.I- Join SFI FREE

  • Sign up and complete the application form. 
  • Disregard State/Province if you’re not within the U.S, it does not apply to you.
  • Make sure you properly fill out the captcha section before you proceed.


                                      -After joining S.F.I-

  1. You will be brought to your homepage area, which is pretty much like your go to area for everything. Just like a dashboard.
  2. I suggest reviewing “SFI Basics” first. Provided will be 4 ways to earn an income.
  3. When that’s finished & you feel you understand everything, head on over to your “launchpad”. This will essentially be your 30 day training.
  4. I caution you “Do NOT try to learn everything about SFI in a few days or weeks. One of the main reasons SFI is so successful is because it has real substance” Learn at your own pace.
  5. There will be about 12 tabs, one of which is your “To-do-list“. That will be your daily,weekly, & monthly duties to complete.
  6. I urge all those interested in joining or already members to PLEASE keep in touch with your sponsors and co-sponsors. They are there to assist you if you need it. There’s also support services you can contact. Forums and the Ask SC section in case you can’t get a hold of your sponsor for some reason. We’re all here to help one another, like a family.

To learn more about my experiences with SFI and what it’s about in full, be sure to check out my other blog post. I hope this has helped some of you who are new to SFI. I may even do a quick run through video of it, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel. If interested in how you can join me in SFI and be apart of my team, feel free to message me, drop a comment below, or check out my website, and I will contact you with the details and sign up link.

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Work From Home Parents-The Do’s & Don’ts

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Hi there my special reader you! 😉 *wink wink* [haha]

In all seriousness though [hehe], can I share with you a few do’s and don’ts? Yes? Oh, how kind of you! [Lol]. Most of us would love to be able to multi-task life and all of it’s juggles, in a way that meets the needs of all of your priorities (you included) 😉 

Some of the key factors in working from home, most would say is to have total freedom in your choice of hours, more time with the family, working at your own pace strategically, and of course being your own boss. Or for some who may be handicap, but still want to earn a living and feel independent. Those are amazing reasons, but how is one to uphold all of that and STILL make time for self? Well ladies and gents, it can be done. But the office rules would still apply if you want to accomplish this successfully. If you’re finding yourself at odds with time management for your children, your spouse, your friends & family, and again most importantly YOURSELF, then it’s time to re evaluate what your core purpose of being at home really is and tackle the solutions. Today’s blog will help to do just that. We wouldn’t want to defeat the purposes of working at home if those same issues from a traditional 9-5 still apply.

                              ***The Don’ts***

  1. Do not exceed your “schedule” at home. Avoid work hours spilling into time with the children or your spouse. This causes stress on both you and your relationships with those you love. Repetition of such strains will result in resentment, turmoil, angst, frustration, and rebellion. They will feel a sense of neglect. Most importantly, it will put a wedge/distance between these special people in your life. 
  2. Do not neglect yourself. It’s very common to let yourself go when overly consumed in something you’re doing. Especially if you’re a perfectionist or dead set on proving a point. Make sure to take breaks in between long hours whether working from home online or offline. Stretch, get some fresh air, grab a bite to eat or simply take a brisk walk. Your mind is of no use anyway if pushed to your limit and mentally drained. Keep a social life & still find time to spruce yourself up. You’ll feel ten times better.
  3. Do not multi-task home duties & work.  HALT! Stop whatever you’re doing and pay close attention to this next sentence [lol]. Avoid mixing at home chores with work. You’re not home to clean, cook, or wash clothes. If you’ve managed to incorporate a schedule that works for you juggling all of those tasks, more power to you. But generally, if your focus is on making sure you’re not burning dinner while on a conference call then maybe you shouldn’t be working those hours, or cooking when working. Sometimes our families don’t always understand that being home doesn’t mean free time.
  4. Do not get distracted or discouraged! It’s normal to feel a bit defeated every now and again if you’re not producing the results you wanted for the day, week, month, or year. Recollect your thoughts, write out a new game plan, and incorporate that into your daily routines. Turn the T.V off, avoid playtime online, or phone calls with your buddies on their days off from work. 🙂 Stay focused, and steadfast.

                               ***The Do’s***

  • Make time for the loved ones. Never let work interfere with that alone time you have established for the children most importantly. They WILL feel a sense of neglect and that will ultimately result in behavior change. Have romantic time set aside for your spouse and spice it up every so often.
  • Avoid getting too comfortable at home and go out for some fresh air. Jog, bike ride, skate, go to your nearest park and have lunch outside. Try out a neighborhood gym and keep yourself active. For the ladies, girl time is essential. Those bonds help keep us on our toes. For the fellas, you also need that bonding time with your male buddies or go out and play your favorite sport or an activity you enjoy to keep yourself feeling energized.
  • Always keep your work space organized. Don’t allow it to turn into a junk room or play room for pets, guests, and little ones. Ensure your space enables you to work stress free.
  • Keep your priorities in check and never let anything come before those you love.

I hope these tips were of great use to you awesome parents at home. These tips helped to ensure things at home were on point for me as well. When I loose my way I stop to remember these points. I speak from experience [lol]. I feel as though I’ve left something out but no worries, the power of an “update”. [Haha]. Share some awesome ideas you may have to produce a successful stay at home parent below in the comment section!

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-How To Check For A SAFE Online Business-

Hello viewers 🙂

General discussion today…but something very commonly asked. In the midst of one of my business discussions with new prospects and friends, I was asked about how to determine if a business is genuine or not and is a decent system that actually works. Well, here are a few tips on what to look for in a GOOD business, and how to spot a BAD one.

  1. Check their reputation.  

What this basically means, is to find out who’s running the company, how long they’ve been around, and if they’re accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau). Many of them already know you’re checking their accuracy &  background. So they’ll post fake BBB badges. Make sure you check to see if the link from the icon directs you to a legit ratings association like VeriSign, or again BBB. Websites like SiteJabber and Siteadvisor are great for examining thousands of websites for spyware, spam and scams.

 2.  Look for their physical address.   

Make sure that the business in question has a physical and accurate address. Try using Google Map to see if  it’s really what it claims to be in “street view“. If not, there’s another red flag.

3.  Grammatical Errors! Photo Credit:

If the website in question carries tons and I do mean TONS of grammatical errors, then it might be a wise idea to take your business elsewhere.  One or two things is understandable, but we all have the power of a simple “spell check” now a days. Reputable businesses are keen on ensuring the rarity of that happening. Usually, the overly gimmicky looking websites that are super flashy are more likely to be faulty and untrustworthy as well. You’d think someone whose SUCCESSFUL in that business would have the proper tools to at least dress it up a bit. Then again, there are some sites with commonly used layouts to attract and appeal to broader audience making it seem legit. Folks, those can be unsafe too.

4.  Security.  

It’s a must to always check the security of the webpage  BEFORE you enter any personal information. Just look at the front of the web address toolbar for the “https” . All domain names start with “http” but when the “s” is added on, it indicates the pages security & any information you put on it is encrypted. Meaning it’s protected. But, that doesn’t mean the business is trustworthy, it just means your information is safe from potential hackers discovering your personal information somewhere else on the internet. Also, try using things like “BillmeLater”  & “ShopShield” to avoid needing to use your credit card information online.

5.  Intuition.  

If everything in your body is telling you there’s something not right about that site or business, RUNNNN lol. Generally, if  it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don’t ignore the signs. 🙂

Well, I truly hope that helps you on your quest in finding something SAFE and reliable online. There’s nothing worse than being scammed, bullied, and ultimately embarrassed when having to explain to family and friends why you’re now in debt. Stay safe everyone and happy hunting 🙂 . If you’re interested in a reliable, safe, credible, long standing business opportunity, then I suggest you check out my facebook, and or website in the “About” section in this blog. Feel free to leave comments, experiences regarding your time online & business hunting or tips I may not have mentioned in this blog 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you.

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Autumn-Are you ready for it?

Welcome friends, old and new! 🙂

I’m a summer baby but boy do I love enjoying all of the other seasons. I’m so looking forward to AUTUMN! That “back to school weather” I’m sure we’ve all experienced as kids. Not too hot, and not too cold. Boots, sweaters, snazzy hats and scarves. The fashion aspect of it is endless! But what I’m most looking forward to is the foliage. Oh my dear goodness, the rush of excitement I get! [haha] Those colors are just BEAUTIFUL! There’s nothing better than watching nature at it’s best. I remember in grade school, we were given the assignment to find leaves in various stages, whether fully soft green or a crunchy red or orange. We’d trace over or place a white sheet of paper over them, and take a crayon to color on top of the paper bringing fourth the variations of lines and shapes within the leaf. Ah, those good ole days. Brought back some snails as well 🙂 [lol].

Either way, I’m anticipating that very moment! How about you? Tell me how you feel about Autumn and one of your favorite or least favorite moments about it. Leave your comments below ^_^

Also, be sure to check out my website.

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Where ever you are today, I applaud YOU!

Hey…hey YOU!? Psst! Where ever you are today, I applaud YOU! 😉

Welcome my joyous readers!

Can we discuss something very BOLD today? Yeah…I’m in one of those type of moods. Today was pretty random as far as discussions go, among those I associate myself with. So in “honor” if you will, of that topic and those people affected by such…I give you…my thoughts. Dun, dun, dunnnn! [Lol]

Well, I’ve had a few sit downs with some very important people to me, and some serious things presented themselves. I’ve noticed that there are people in the world whether those we love to hate or hate to love…or even those closest to you. That simply put, do NOT want the best for you consciously and or subconsciously. There are some people in this world with little to no support. They take witness to a person in need of assistance (or trying to do something better with their time), and instead of applauding or giving constructive criticism, they use the opportunity to bash that person off whim.

Congrats, Congratulations, Inspiration

So I’d like to personally show my gratitude to the young and old out there, surpassing all and every obstacles thrown in your way. To the young men and women being brought into this world by drug addicts/prostitutes/dealers (who’ve cleaned themselves up, and had more children but forgot about the ones who already exist)? To that child who has either been shown another way or still left to face the ugly reality all while holding a job, finishing school, and bringing home good grades with the intent to blossom in your future career? YES! I applaud YOU!

  • To those struggling financially but yet still seem to break a dime for those in less fortunate situations than yourself to bring someone else up, or loving a life not boar by you but RAISED, and adored. I applaud YOU!
  • To the minorities (not just pertaining to ethnicity), soaring high and jumping fences no one has EVER thought you could…or pushing to make changes in your life so you’re no longer a “statistic”. I commend YOU!
  • To all of those fasting for the month of Ramadan, or other religious purposes in the heat, in the cold, when there’s nothing left in your fridge…or those long hours. I applaud YOU!
  • To the physically and mentally challenged individuals showing out the medical field, your class, your co-workers, your peers, your family, your coach…whom ever is in your life that doubted your ability to either be independent or capable…I commend YOU!
  • To the lost young girls out here, trying to find your way to stability, comfort, love, respect, guidance…even when there is no one to give and or do it for and with you? I extend my arms to you and my inbox should you ever need someone to talk to. I applaud you for WANTING better and DOING better.
  • To all of my survivors of rape, molestation, abuse, hate etc etc…for waking up today and attempting to move forward, I applaud YOU!
Applaud, Clap hands, appreciation

Even for those with less traumatic experiences and are struggling in some way shape or form whether it be relationships, work, school, parenting…bless your hearts and souls and may peace be upon you all. I know what it’s like to be in a position where everyday is a fight for something greater, while the Nay Sayers are trailing your every move. Know in your heart and mind that there’s nothing in this world you cannot have without diligence, perseverance, and strength.

I hope my words of endearment for everyone, including those gone unmentioned…have been words assistance in what ever it is you may be doing. Please share your thoughts, comments, experiences below. Until next time people ;-).


What’s so great about FLAX SEEDS?

Hello again readers! 🙂

I’m sure this is a very COMMON topic among the masses [hehe], but I wanted to shed a little light on it from my point of view. Provided there will be facts to validate the majority of them ;-). For those unaware of what flax seeds (also known as common flax or linseed) are, they’re basically seeds derived from the plant (binomial name: Linum usitatissimum). Tiny brown seeds, some golden brown, and the other is a darker brown. The darker pigmented seeds seem to carry more omega -3, being a little more beneficial in that sense. Reminding me of that quote “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”. Lol! Seems to apply in a many of circumstances regarding food etc (wheat bread, berries, flax seeds, black or brown rice, black tea, black beans,fruits) I found this site and a few others to be rather beneficial {}. According to Wiki, “It is native to the region extending from the eastern Mediterranean to India and was probably first domesticated in the Fertile Crescent.” 

Flax seeds are EXTREMELY beneficial and a good source of essential fatty acids, such as calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorous, vitamin E, and are also a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids as stated above 😉 . Aside from seeds, it also comes packaged as ground also known as flax seed meal. Usually used in smoothies, food etc. There’s also flax seed oil which is a colorless to yellowish oil obtained from the dried ripe seeds of the flax plant. There are a variety of different ways flax seeds/meal/oil can be used.


  • Flax seeds can be used as a hair gel. By boiling about 1/4 cup of flax seeds in a pot of 2 cups of water. Constantly stir and check to see if the water has become the right thickness and level of consistency that you want it. You can either extract the gel by pouring it into a knee high that’s been placed into a small container of some sort, and using plastic tongs to glide it out into the container. Don’t squeeze it like you would a tea bag, but more as though you were putting a frosting covered butter knife in between your fingers and sliding the frosting off. Except, it’s tongs and not your fingers. The second way is to use a cheesecloth or a wired strainer the kind with the very fine holes. Extract the gel, allow it to cool down and add any essential oils you’d like. I love using lavender and lemon grass along with drops of vitamin E.
  • They have a sweet, nutty flavor. When boiled and whipped with apple juice, they make a great binder and leavening in baked goods, in place of eggs.
  • Flax seeds alone can have a laxative effect on the body and so should be consumed in moderation. Many vegans enjoy them daily for the Omega-3 benefits.
  • The tiny brown seeds  are sometimes added to cereals. They are prone to rancidity and must be stored in the freezer.
  • Flaxseed oil has been found to be beneficial for those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. Several studies have found that this oil seems to be able to calm the inner lining of the inflamed intestines. There’s also  a high content of mucilage in flax and this is an effective natural laxative.
  • Flaxseed oil is beneficial in helping to reduce high cholesterol (not by itself, it must be added into your diet regimen). Lowers the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure.Flaxseed oil also helps to:
    1. Reduce the risk of cancer.
    2. Aid in the growth of healthy hair and nails.
    3. Promote healthy skin.
    4. Reduce menopause symptoms.
    5. Play a role in burning body fat.

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These are just a few of the great ways flax seeds can be used. Some people with Sjogren’s syndrome (a dryness of the eyes), flaxseed oil helps to improve this condition. All in all, you can’t go wrong with flax seeds, it really is helpful in a number of ways. I love using it as my hair gel! If you have curly hair, it really helps to define them. I hope you’ve taken something helpful from my post today, feel free to discuss such below in the comment section. Until next time….


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Baking Bread From Scratch

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Hello again readers,

I’m back after a long delay. I had to revise my text here at WordPress for policy purposes, so I have not forgotten about you all. 🙂 Be sure to check out my website listed in my profile for that, and links to my other blog will be provided.

Moving along…. [hehe] I LOVE to cook and bake and plant when I can on my free time.  I baked this in March I believe, and don’t quite recall the exact measurements I used so bare with me here lol. The ingredients are pretty basic and simple. Reminds me of Amish bread in a way.


  • 3 cups of All Purpose Flour
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1/3 cup White Sugar
  • 2 -1/4 tsp of Active Dry Yeast
  • 3/4 tsp of Salt
  • 2 tbsp of Vegetable oil (I heard coconut oil works as a great preservative instead)


  1. In a large bowl ( I love using the stainless steel, I can manipulate the dough better for some odd reason) dissolve the sugar in warm water.  Then add and stir in the yeast. Allow the yeast to sit about 15 minutes or until it produces a creamy foam.
  2. Add the salt and oil to the yeast. Mix the flour into the bowl 1 cup at a time.  Knead the dough onto a lightly floured surface until it’s smooth and no longer sticking to your hands or the surface, but still flexible-not stiff. Place in a well oiled bowl turning it to coat the dough. Cover with plastic wrap or a damp hand towel and let sit for about an hour to double in size.
  3. Punch the dough down to remove the air pockets and continue kneading it down for a few minutes and divide in half based on how many loaves you’d like to make and if you’ve added to the ingredients measurements. Place into two well oiled 9 x 5 inch loaf pans (I didn’t have one so I simply molded the dough and placed it in the oven as is hehe) Let it rise for about 30 minutes until it’s risen an inch above the pans.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, and you’re done! 🙂

I hope this has been of some kind of help to someone out there trying to make homemade sweet buttery bread (coat the tops of the bread with REAL butter and yum!) I’ve tried butter and jam with my bread it’s delicious! My bread lasted about a week or so.  Make sure to wrap it up in plastic wrap, I stored it in the fridge to try and preserve it longer but I suppose you can leave it out in like a bread container as well. Maybe I’ll try making wheat bread next yummy! Provided are a few pictures I’ve decided to share with you all to show how mine turned out for the first time in a long time since my Amish bread last year or so…

Until next time 😉


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