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The Blog

Did you know you can get notifications about new comments, new followers, likes on your posts, and more with the WordPress for iOS app? It’s a super convenient way to keep up with your blog even when you’re away from your desk. With version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS (available now on the App Store), you get all this in addition to posting, checking stats, and reading your favorite blogs.

Version 3.4 of WordPress for iOS: Notifications, showing on iPad Mini and iPhone 5

Mobile notifications

WordPress for iOS connects directly to your blog and shows you the same notifications you get in your toolbar, but with a twist: You also get push notifications for everything happening on your blog. It’s the quickest way to approve or reply to a comment, since you’ll know about it as soon as it’s posted. With the built-in threads, you can easily see any comments your readers are responding to and keep up with conversations…

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Have a plan (a realistic plan)

Good day to you! 🙂

I was reviewing “Rules of Success” at SFI (one of the MANY awesome marketing tips they have available), and thought hmm…here’s something that needed to be heard. In life, everything is done in steps. In school we start from Pre-School and work our way up to college. At work, we start at the bottom and work our way up to the top whether it be a supervisor, manager etc. So just like everyday life, in our business we must work strategically too, right?

Goals are indeed imperative, but without a plan…how is one to obtain their goals? Keep in mind, these goals must be realistic. Makes no sense setting yourself up for something and then feeling like a failure because you’ve set the bar too high too soon. Pace yourself. Set goals, plans

SFI is TRULY one of the few businesses that allow you to earn while you learn. Your first 6-12 months of being here should be viewed as a “training period”. If you expected something overnight, you’re not being realistic. Everyone would be rich, lol! Instead, plan to work the hardest during your first 6-12 months and get compensated the least. Don’t expect large earnings until AFTER you’ve educated yourself and given yourself enough time to implement your plan.


“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”

-Fitzhugh Dodson

Be persistent, but remain realistic. Should you have inquires about joining SFI with me as your Team Leader, then contact me here on my blog, Facebook, YouTube  or my website. 

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My my my…

What a shameful little blogger I’ve been…how dare I spend my time living when I have a blog to attend to? Ha Ha…just kidding. All jokes aside, I’ve been MAJORLY inspired today…like, tremendously! Here I am reading the forum at SFI (Strong Future International), and I see a rather relevant post meant to inspire and motivate. On it of course was a video left for us…and the feed on the side led me to this video. Sweet nibblets! I felt every word. Usually, videos like that come off cheesy and unrealistic, but the fact that it wasn’t promoting anything and just speaking to the people in a very general fashion…really allowed me to feel that genuine vibe. You can watch it too!

Talk about TRUE motivation! This guy knows what he’s talking about  

BE inspired, get up off the couch and GRAB your goals by the neck!  Cheers and happy successes to you!

Until next time…