-Self Discipline-

Good day to you there!

Lately I’ve been working out to Shaun T’s workout DVDs and have found myself thinking about a few things in the shower (only place I have a peace of mind these days haha jk). I thought about an earlier discussion I had with someone about my admiration for dedicated people who need no crutches and push themselves to their own individual successes. Whether it be those that hold firm to their religious beliefs and promote positive images for those around them, or someone who falls but never stays down long enough pulling themselves up by the boot straps…or parents who never give up on their kids troubled or not. I can respect that motivational way of living…which brings me to my next statement.

Ladies and Gents, no matter what it may be in this world there is no one stopping you from resilience but self. There may be obstacles challenging your path to greatness, but what would life be without them? I urge you not to wait on the next person to get you where you need to be. Have a job interview you cannot make and you’re waiting on your ride who just might make you late? Call a cab in advance. Long day and not enough energy to prepare a meal? Every night set out what you’re having for the following day. Sometimes (in this day and age especially) we get overly consumed with the idea of convenience that it’s immobilized us as people.

Self discipline, hard work pays off.
Self discipline, hard work pays off.


There is always a way, no one ever said it would be easy but you can make it work for you. Be ten steps ahead, write down 5-10 “self mantras” to abide by and attempt to stick to it. It’s okay if you’re not where you want to be when you want to be there. Just don’t stop. I’m amazed at my endurance from day one until now with this workout power trip I’ve been on. A few months from now I’ll be even more shocked lol. Give yourself more than anyone else ever could. Love yourself unconditionally and the need for the essentials to nourishing yourself will come like second nature. If not, there’s all sorts of self help tips available everywhere…that is, it brought you here, right? Cheers!

Until next time…