Green Cleaning Tips-Keeping It “Naturally” Friendly!

Hi my faithful readers! 🙂

I’d just like to touch base on this very common topic that I felt I personally should highlight on my blog. Now I’ve been making some minuet but rather effective changes in my lifestyle regarding the way I clean and what I’m using, the way I consume my meals and transportation of course. Baby steps baby steps 😉 [lol]. For a few reasons…

  1. Self/loved ones->As a parent, child to two awesome parents, grandchild, so on & so fourth…I owe it to not just them, but myself to remain healthy & alive for as long as possible. Mainly for my amazing child 🙂
  2. Active->I miss playing sports.
  3. Health->The majority of those I love and care about at home have asthma (toxic chemicals being inhaled are not a good look)

Now that I’ve touched base on the top main reasons, I will continue by sharing a few cool, easy, and low costly ways to go green & still clean in between. 😉 As I’m sure you all know and have heard…

  • Vinegar works wonderfully as an all purpose cleaner, dilute it with a proportioned amount of water in a spray bottle and you’re good to go. It’s a great and natural deodorizer and disinfectant. (Apple cider vinegar diluted with water of course, is also great on co-washing your scalp;roots & hair! Be sure to do a test on a small area first to avoid any changes in color. I caution you that improperly diluted vinegar is acidic and can eat away at tile grout and marble surfaces. Works amazingly in bathrooms, kitchens, and the laundry room. To find out in what other ways be sure to check out: (
  • Lemon Juice is another great way to get rid of soap scum and water deposits
  • Baking Soda reminds me of comet or ajax that come sin that powdered form? Yeah, awesome substitute!

There are many more options left available to you, but unfortunately I won’t be able to express that here at the moment. In the meantime, you can check out my sub-domain with wix, and click my other blog there for the details. Sooner than later I’ll be able to blog here freely. Until then…… 🙂


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E-Books VS. Paper Books

E-Books Vs. Real Books
Which do YOU prefer?

Hello readers!

I was thinking to myself the other day…about a series of things I wanted to be vocal about. I took a look around me briefly, shaking my head at how sometimes what can be perceived as an “Advancement” in society, can also very well be a contributing factor to its downfall. I’m all for making life a bit easier and more convenient in certain aspects, but never would I suggest crippling ideas and inventions to us as a people. With that being said, I’d like to say, I’m not a fan of E-Books…its not something I’m sorry about either [haha], and I’d like to tell you why…

E-Books to me–

Eh, just aren’t something I fancy much, due to its lack of purpose. The same way I can carry around a E-reader (ie: Kindle, Nook, Sony) I can surely carry a hand-held book. You’d generally find most people reading chapter books anyway (which are usually portable all the same). I miss that. Being on the train, or bus or somewhere public, and the book pretty much advertising itself from afar. A great way to converse and strike up discussion. I miss those good ole days. I’m not sure about a many of you, but I’ve always loved the smell of fresh new books…crisp pages and newly printed ink. Or even an outdated book at the library that shows it’s age. I used to wonder, how many people may have picked up this very same book? How much good and use it must have been for so many others. Ah, just reminds me of the first day of school, freshly chiseled pencils that smelled like wood, the aroma of a new book bag smelled like new sneakers [haha] and the sound of binders clamping open and shut when attaching loose leaf paper. Am I the only one in this? I must say though, mechanical pencils surely are one of the many “advances” I mentioned being in favor of. Reduces the need for trees…recycled paper is cool too. Recycled anything is great!

So that I’m not drifting off topic here [LOL]

It just makes me wonder, how much good is it doing on our eyes to ALWAYS be in front of a screen all day? From our computers/laptops, to our cell phones, Ipads, Ipods, and now E-Book readers? I mean seriously…c’mon! [Haha]. Even in regards to those with poor eyesight (generally speaking the elderly etc), one would argue that the large print would make matters easier on them. Well folks, yet another problem solved, they have books out now with larger text. You can even order it that way by preference. I got it in the mail the other day as a promo with this novel story attached, it was pretty cool. I’m not against technology, I’m just not for pointless gadgets. As a marketer, I can easily say from my perspective and miniature experience with marketing even prior to SFI, that it just seems like another marketing plot. Granted there are a ton of different things making the web, but I question, what will you do if there were ever to be a blackout? If your screen got wet? Damaged battery? Oh, oh I know…cracked screen!? Ah…ah? Anyone? I know…SPEND MORE MONEY ON REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS. Minus the blackout, not much you can do about that [lol]. Don’t get me wrong, they are cool looking! I’m not trying to be mean here, but realistic. I’m not into conning people or believing the hype. You’ll take notice to that about me when indulging in more of my writings :D. I’m more of a leader, not a follower. But I know that if my book rips, I simply tape it. If water spills on it, I simply dry it. Should the pages crinkle, I iron it [haha just kidding]. My point is, I don’t want the future generations to miss out on the foundation and pillars of what brings us all here today, not just books. Growing up (and still growing Hehe), I was able to appreciate the things before me, beside me, and what’s soon to come…but not if it’s a mechanism to again, contribute to our downfall as humans and how we perceive and interact with one another. Have you taken a look at our youth these days? Let’s be sure to implement structure and useful benefits people, that will keep us strong and growing. Not slow in pace and lazy. I hope I’m not misinterpreted. Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

Try the poll and vote for which you prefer:


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Growing Cucumbers & Tomatoes

Hello again and welcome readers!

I just briefly wanted to share my experience with growing cucumbers and tomatoes from home. I initially wanted to begin this little journey, because I missed planting, and watching them grow. My mom used to ALWAYS have plants at home, and me and my brother got to name them each and learn their purposes. Of course being as young as we were, we gave them Pokemon names, haha! Those were the good ole days. The living room was full of beautiful green plants all different shapes, shades, textures, and sizes. We had pets back then during various times in our lives, this in particular time we owned an angora Egyptian cat. Beautiful long fluffy white fur, so sweet and so smart! Unfortunately we had to give him away :-(, but I mention Egypt (our cat) because he loved nibbling on the plants (which let us know he was getting sick) a lot of the plants are known to aid the ill.

So any who ->before I get off topic here lol….

I’ve been learning to plant since 1st grade when they had you do a project on growing the Lima bean in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel….ah them days lol. We even had eggs hatched and they were the cutest little baby chicks ever. Such a fun experience! So, for these many reasons, I’ve been really interested in the concept of life, and being able to contribute to it in the best of ways. Plus, I found it to be such a financial relief, to have your own mini garden with the essentials you need, verses paying for something with an unknown origin. *wink wink* (Haha)….So  I started my cucumbers, they were growing just fine as you’ll see in the video, but I transferred them improperly I think and didn’t know to remove the old soil from the mini cup it was in, when entering into fresh new soil. The pot was also too big and didn’t have any holes at the bottom to allow air to circulate and for it to properly drain. The tomatoes, one night I left them on top of the damp soil beside the cucumbers (yes the pot was big enough to fit everything lol) and I slept forgetting to remove it. How unfortunate when I came back to find mold creeping up the sides. They were too young to be transferred and really had been growing much more than it shows in this clip. I was so sad they both were dying and felt a bit guilty. :-/

In short, I will be more prepared for next time, and theirs tons of information out there available to everyone. I wanted to get a feel for things first I guess (impatient ole me). I hope you’ve enjoyed the video, and my blabbering lol. Be sure to keep up with future postings.


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How your mind affects the world…

Hello again readers!

I wanted to discuss something rather important to me…and what better place to do so than a blog? [Hehe]

A mixture of things sparked my need for sharing this with you all. One, a friend of mine was sharing a movie with me that blew my mind. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but it’s from the 60’s…part two came out in the 90’s. It’s called “To Sir, With Love” it carried a powerful message. From the title alone I thought it was a love movie…not really a big fan of those [HaHa]! The other thing that helped produce my need to blog about this was another discussion I had with a loved one.

Did you know, that how you think, or rather…what you believe, affects your inner and exterior? Some may get the hang of what I’m talking about already but for the percentage still waiting for me to get to the “point”, here it goes [LOL].  There is nothing worse within someones character, than a bad attitude. Whether it’s directed at school, work, family, friends, hobbies, LIFE in general…it’s just a burden on everything around you including yourself. You ever ask yourself “why me”? I hear that more than enough. For example, if you’re consistently dating a bad person who has nothing to offer you but everything to gain from being in your company…then you have to start asking yourself, what are you doing to attract these negative people? :-/ You can’t blame your boss…or your parents…or that annoying guy on the bus [lol], you have to look within. Same goes for the people who only give everything they do 50% of what they’re REALLY capable of accomplishing. I think the sooner we as individuals address our most deepest of wounds, concerns, and agony…we can then become a better of people. For ourselves especially, but most importantly the ones around us. I personally cannot stand negative thinkers, who feed off of everything wrong as a coping mechanism only suppressing the real and in depth issues. Love yourself first before you can offer such things to anyone else. We’ve all been dealt a deal of cards in life and some may have never been shown the proper way to address that. Self respect, class, modesty, honesty, loyalty, strength, wisdom, humility, pride, ethics…are all things as PEOPLE we should strive to achieve. We cannot continue to use the “passing judgement” card anymore. It’s only a diversion from finding “self”. Know self, in and out, in and out. Given you’ve sought after all opportunities with a clear and educated mind, only then can you make a clear perception of where you want to be in life.

How do you achieve such a thing Jumblez?

Simple. Take out some well needed time to figure you out. Anything that will not help you grow and expand is another that needs to be removed. If you’re used to only doing one thing the SAME thing every weekend…mold yourself to try something new and something different, with SOMEONE different. Feeling down? Take a few moments to jot down 5 great things that you love about yourself (in a non narcissistic way haha). Make amends with those you’re spending way too much energy hating on. Want what the next ones got? Don’t reach for it, GRAB IT! Not from them, but from this big world just handing it waiting for you to seek it. Don’t sulk, don’t moan, don’t bicker, don’t should’ve could’ve would’ve but didn’t…dig, explore, and find what’s in you that brings fourth negative energy and flip it. Focus on how to be a better YOU. Surely, the rest will follow. If you’re broken, shame on you to expect a man or woman to fix it. There’s nothing wrong with a little help, but sitting on your hands looking around for the next one to “save” you is a shame and is only meant for the weak. Find methods for the strong and long lasting. I speak from a place of experience, love, and the best of intentions as I do with everything in my life. It’s time to breed thinkers again, to re connect with our inner being. Bring that to the table. As they say in SFI,

“Your attitude determines your altitude in your life, so make sure it’s positive! And don’t let the negative attitudes of others (even if they’re family members, friends, or peers) influence you.”

Apply this very attitude to your business, your careers…what ever they may be. To your loved ones, do you know how many people reside on this very planet with us? I’m known for assisting people, an elderly man blind in one eye and had cataract in his other eye…needed help getting onto the bus. Do you know how many people backed away from him based on his appearance and attire? I was so ashamed. All of these grown men and women ignoring this guy clearly asking for help, had a cane and all and you know what he did? Attempted to get on the bus! I was only about 16 at the time and knew better. I stopped to help him on the bus without a thought to hesitate. He thanked me profusely, all the while I just wanted to be a contribution to an easier day for him, or anyone for that matter. I hope I haven’t talked up a storm here :), but my intentions are good and I mean well. If you’re still here and made it through my lengthy blog I applaud you for wanting to learn something new today, and for doing something new today 🙂 Help someone else today, find that inner them that only produces something use able and something that contributes.

“If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won’t, you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.”

-Denis Waitley 

 “Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force. “

-Tom Blandi 

Stay tuned!


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