The Grass Always Seems Greener On The Other Side…

         The grass is always greener on the other side

      Welcome friends!

I was in my room contemplating a few things the other night and thought this would be a great subject to touch base on. As I’m sure you all know, I’m a many of things…but for the sake of this topic, I’ll highlight that I’m a marketer. 🙂 With that, I’m thrilled to be apart of this International circle allowing me to meet so many great people, humble spirits and understanding the ways of others even more than I already have. 

I’m always hearing from friends and co-workers the various things they wished they had, lives they wished they lived etc etc. Some of which are just wanting better than what they feel they had or didn’t have. It may be “I wish my spouse were more xyz, I’d trade them in a heart beat” or “If only I lived in your country, I would have had this and been able to do that” or “See, if I were rich then life would be so much happier”. Excuse me…WHAT!? [haha] I swear this is my exact response to these petty outcries. In my short years of being blessed enough to see another day to strive for something greater, I have learned that appreciation for necessities over “accessories” (in this case, wants) is what will keep you ahead.

It’s not healthy to live a life of regret. Accept your situations as they are, embrace what is before you and learn to let things go. There are some fatherless children that would have been better off without their biological parent in their lives IF they remained in a poor condition causing destruction and misery. “Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve…but didn’t”, so what, move on. I think if I DID have certain aspects in my life that I thought I needed before, I would not be able to have the level of experience I have today. Or the type of amazing friends that I’ve gained within that growth. If I lived in a hut with just a piece of bread and fish in a nearby lake, and great health…then I’m the richest of them all. Why? Because I’d be grounded, level headed, self sufficient and alive. When I’m overwhelmed with too many materialistic things I truly feel like a stuffed kid on thanksgiving. That’s never a comfortable feeling, too much is really too much for me. [Lol!] Be thankful this year and count your blessings. I thank God for every good and or bad that has come into my life. It brought me here 🙂 I hope it brings me further God willing.

green grassSo people, word of advice…build yourselves from within FIRST and the rest will follow. Gain control of your own destiny’s, shape your mentalities to address life differently and I promise you’ll produce more fruitful results. If the grass seems greener on the other side, that simply means you’ve got some watering and nurturing to do on your end to balance that out. I hope I’ve shed some light for people today.

Until next time….



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