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Where ever you are today, I applaud YOU!

Hey…hey YOU!? Psst! Where ever you are today, I applaud YOU! 😉

Welcome my joyous readers!

Can we discuss something very BOLD today? Yeah…I’m in one of those type of moods. Today was pretty random as far as discussions go, among those I associate myself with. So in “honor” if you will, of that topic and those people affected by such…I give you…my thoughts. Dun, dun, dunnnn! [Lol]

Well, I’ve had a few sit downs with some very important people to me, and some serious things presented themselves. I’ve noticed that there are people in the world whether those we love to hate or hate to love…or even those closest to you. That simply put, do NOT want the best for you consciously and or subconsciously. There are some people in this world with little to no support. They take witness to a person in need of assistance (or trying to do something better with their time), and instead of applauding or giving constructive criticism, they use the opportunity to bash that person off whim.

Congrats, Congratulations, Inspiration

So I’d like to personally show my gratitude to the young and old out there, surpassing all and every obstacles thrown in your way. To the young men and women being brought into this world by drug addicts/prostitutes/dealers (who’ve cleaned themselves up, and had more children but forgot about the ones who already exist)? To that child who has either been shown another way or still left to face the ugly reality all while holding a job, finishing school, and bringing home good grades with the intent to blossom in your future career? YES! I applaud YOU!

  • To those struggling financially but yet still seem to break a dime for those in less fortunate situations than yourself to bring someone else up, or loving a life not boar by you but RAISED, and adored. I applaud YOU!
  • To the minorities (not just pertaining to ethnicity), soaring high and jumping fences no one has EVER thought you could…or pushing to make changes in your life so you’re no longer a “statistic”. I commend YOU!
  • To all of those fasting for the month of Ramadan, or other religious purposes in the heat, in the cold, when there’s nothing left in your fridge…or those long hours. I applaud YOU!
  • To the physically and mentally challenged individuals showing out the medical field, your class, your co-workers, your peers, your family, your coach…whom ever is in your life that doubted your ability to either be independent or capable…I commend YOU!
  • To the lost young girls out here, trying to find your way to stability, comfort, love, respect, guidance…even when there is no one to give and or do it for and with you? I extend my arms to you and my inbox should you ever need someone to talk to. I applaud you for WANTING better and DOING better.
  • To all of my survivors of rape, molestation, abuse, hate etc etc…for waking up today and attempting to move forward, I applaud YOU!
Applaud, Clap hands, appreciation

Even for those with less traumatic experiences and are struggling in some way shape or form whether it be relationships, work, school, parenting…bless your hearts and souls and may peace be upon you all. I know what it’s like to be in a position where everyday is a fight for something greater, while the Nay Sayers are trailing your every move. Know in your heart and mind that there’s nothing in this world you cannot have without diligence, perseverance, and strength.

I hope my words of endearment for everyone, including those gone unmentioned…have been words assistance in what ever it is you may be doing. Please share your thoughts, comments, experiences below. Until next time people ;-).



Can you REALLY make money online?

Can you REALLY make money online? Absolutely! 🙂

Hello again readers! 🙂

I just wanted to touch base on a few things regarding earning an income online. Let me first start by briefly sharing my experiences with it…

Well, I pretty much got curious about the concept of online money making, and considering I had the time when I first started checking it out (while preparing to re enroll for my classes), I said well sure why not? Thing is, at that time being a new parent and needing to acquire enough for bills and school, it was IMPERATIVE I found something either free (Free? Online? *chuckles* yeah I know) or within my budget. So, away I went click click clicking on everything until I found something suitable. I kid you not, almost EVERYTHING had some type of hoopla attached to it. They get you all hyped up just to say, “pay this one time fee of $100 for this packet and you’ll be earning in no time” or some other type of lame catch. I understand it TAKES money to MAKE money when running your own business, but NOT if you’re spending more than you’ll earn. I thought I’d look around and see what people were saying about the sites that stood out the most…which is how I came to form my opinions conclusive to what I’d already taken notice to on my own. Honestly, for me personally…I can’t be spending a boat load of cash on something I don’t even know works. For over the top gimmicky websites, waiting on a few victims to knock on their tail bones. So I said just forget it…


Literally it was like the very second I said forget this, and accidentally hit the scroll button downward, I seen this company at the way bottom based on what I typed in the search engine. SFI Marketing Group, a branch from the parent Company Carsons Services Inc., and of course, later on down the line came to learn about it’s superstore Tripleclicks. I kept reading, scrolling like pfft it can’t be as easy as 1-2-3 (keep in mind, every other site I’ve gone to asked for my credit card information as soon as I joined, and of course , to the LEFT I went when they did *giggles*), and to my very surprise, they didn’t! I signed up, I tip toed around with my mouse awaiting annoying pop ups about why I shouldn’t leave the page…and yet, nothing. Omg! I think I found it! I thought..wow. Long story short, I joined last year in 2011 and never looked back.


Why not!? LOL…It was free to join, along with FREE marketing tools, FREE training, FREE professional Websites for marketing SFI’s products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to YOU! I loved that I could test drive the company for free. There ARE of course low costly ways to advertise and free ways (just got to give it some extra TLC *Tender/Love/Care*). Honestly I DO NOT recommend this to ANY one looking for a “get rich quick scheme” or those that are looking for an easy way out to earning a real income online. Those are usually the LESS driven people with ulterior motives and fall flat on their faces then blaming everything and everyone but THEMSELVES. So if that’s YOU, then no no…please, I repeat DO NOT join this awesome legit opportunity, it will disappoint the right people looking for the wrong things in the BEST places lol. All the same, I’m eager to work with you if you’re eager to learn. Are you interested? Well then what are you waiting for? Sign up! ^_^  Contact me for details on how.



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