“Black Friday” -Financial Madness!?

Boy oh Boy oh GIRL! 😮 *giggles*

Black Friday shopping frenzies

“B.F” shoppers…please, please, PLEASE! This year be CAREFUL for a number of reasons!! Be wise in your spending, surroundings, item purchases, and of course of the little ones that MAY be out shopping as well with their parents. I truly hope they stay in this year, because I know this is the time of year in which people get stomped on in the aisles. (Lol) Well now and of course around Christmas. [Haha]

  • Avoid irritable looking shoppers (they’re careless & will knock you over) LOL!
  • Don’t allow the sales person to “over sell you” on flashy items! 
  • Do your homework on bargains at different stores for particular items
  • Never buy what you don’t need (black friday or not) haha
  • Never be too shy to check clearance racks

Since we’re talking shopping you know I have to discuss Tripleclicks. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t [Haha]. If you’re big on stylish jewelry for amazing prices, “Leahs Gifts” store is the place to go for sure! I’ve ordered from her a few times and o.m.g, the compliments would not stop coming from friends and family. Check her out and surely you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The wedding rings especially, oh man. Sometimes she leaves little surprises with your order 😉 . Got to love that! 

Enjoy the  shopping madness everyone and save yourself the hassle, sleep in and order a few things online. Tons of places to choose from! ^_^







(All rights to this photo due to Matthew Staver, Bloomberg)


Until next time….



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