Marketing Tips for Beginners

Hey viewers!

How are you feeling today? I hope all is well. I have something for you today that I think may be of great use. I’d give you the anticipated leading up to it theatrics….but I think that would be silly considering the title. [Hehe]  Here’s a briefing in this video, but I will elaborate more below:

Marketing Tips for Beginners


LOVE what you do. Whether it’s selling apparel, music, books etc….show an interest in what it is you do or carry on to the next best thing for you. Passion should be had in the best parts of your life. That eases the process, especially for beginners.


If you were into politics and you wanted to grab the attention of the masses, you’d stand on a soap box if you had to with a fog horn, right? [LOL] Marketing is no different…in fact, those are all concepts of marketing. Give the people what they need or want, and in return your purpose benefits. You wouldn’t go to a sea of diabetic people offering them sugar loaded cupcakes, the same way you wouldn’t advertise allergens to an allergic person. If you’re marketing film, food, jewelry etc, target areas you’d find more susceptible people who’d be interested.


Delivery is important. Make sure you’re projecting your voice so that you’re heard and confident in what it is you’re promoting. Give the people a reason to trust what you’re saying and validate it with your stats or plain ole benefits of what ever it is you’re distributing. For example:

“I’ve got some cheap sneakers, want a pair?”

“Hey, how are you today? I was wondering if I could interest you in some footwear?”

I’m sure you can tell which is most suitable. [wink, wink]


It’s imperative you know what you’re marketing. If you’re an affiliate of a marketing team (a safe and REPUTABLE one mind you) research your product(s), because for sure, your possible customer WILL ask! Be prepared.


Have a game plan and stick to it until it produces results. Remain consistent in the correct formula, nothing less. Be strategic in your methods. Observe, orient, decide, act…strategy!

>>Be Yourself!<<

It’s fine to look up to those making moves and all that goodness, but don’t lose YOU in the process. If someone personalized the way they sang a song but kept the lyrics the same, you’d have a much better chance at wooing the audience. Verses repetition where any and everyone can find and has found. I know for sure when someone approached me about something I wasn’t interested in, 9 out of 10 was because it sounded as though they were reading straight from a book. Be careful about little things like that.

I hope this has been of use to you. Leave me your feedback in the comment section about other great ideas to assist in marketing effectively. I look forward to hearing from you all!



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