Content THIEVES! [Writers: A MUST read!]



Stop Stealing!
Stop Stealing!

Greetings & welcome everyone! 🙂

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m sure this topic hits home with LOTS of people. ESPECIALLY those earning a living from blogging. There is nothing worse than a creeper with no desire to make use of their time or energy, into something they claim they want to do. Thieves in ALL forms, shapes, sizes, and colors disgust me. Whether you’re trying to take someone’s property IE: Car, Home possessions, Articles, BLOGS, books, pencils in class [LOL], Jewelry…what ever it may be, you name it…if it’s being stolen I hate it. I couldn’t pitty a thief either. There is nothing keeping you from starting out the same way we all did. Working hard and being passionate about what you do. So for the content stealing scum who likes to make a quick buck off of the hard work of others (sounds so familiar), you can kick rocks and look forward to my lawyer for copyright infringement. Yes…this will ALL be patent material. To explain that little rant to my faithful readers, there have been folks stealing my entire blogs & videos not even realizing that all of my information is still encoded. Silly rabbits. If you encounter this very issue, or would like to check for these issues, I suggest a few things…

  1. Your wording is unique, put in quotation marks a section from your content and post it into any search engine. Make sure you use the quotations so it’s not pulling up just any site with the words instead of the whole sentence.
  2. Run a WhoIs report on the domain, and check to see if they’re hosted in the US. Generally, the company dealing with the DNS Nameservers is more than likely the company doing the hosting. So get in touch with them & report your theif!
  3. Google HATES spam, bots, and plagiarizers! So when seeking your content & happen to find your culprit, be sure to send google a little notice too.
  4. Keep in mind that as long as there is something linking back to you, the original owner when traffic is gained from these thieves, is returned back to you. As long as your name or again source is embedded. Thanks for the publicity [LOL!]Try incorporating the concept of re-linking in your content to certain aspects of your blog. 🙂
  5. If nothing else works, file a notice of Digital Millenium Copyright Act infringement (DMCA) with numerous search engines and other directories. They’ll usually remove that Web site from their databases. Be sure to send a “Cease and Desist” letter to the owner of the “thief” first before you file this notice.
  6. Sites like Web Archive can help prove it’s your original work, since everything’s dated. 😉


Copyright Infringement
Ban Content Thieves

Falling victim to this isn’t a matter of IF anymore, but WHEN…just make sure you have your stuff ready to go and prepared for situations such as these and protect your content! As for the bots, trolls, spammers, and content thieves reading this to stay “current” on new ways to go around it, for every one of you, there will be another us…just as devoted to protecting as you are to stealing. There are so many innovative ways to track and find culprits it’s amazing! Remember, no one wants to work with a thief, so find out who the hosts of these blogs/articles are, and track down the folks running the ads used on their stolen content. Stay safe my fellow readers 🙂


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