Strong Future International? [S.F.I]

Hey there readers! 🙂

I have a few business blogs up here I suppose, but I wanted to touch base on the aftermath of signing up with SFI, for those of you who have asked oh so many times…here it is ^_^

                                           -To Join S.F.I- Join SFI FREE

  • Sign up and complete the application form. 
  • Disregard State/Province if you’re not within the U.S, it does not apply to you.
  • Make sure you properly fill out the captcha section before you proceed.


                                      -After joining S.F.I-

  1. You will be brought to your homepage area, which is pretty much like your go to area for everything. Just like a dashboard.
  2. I suggest reviewing “SFI Basics” first. Provided will be 4 ways to earn an income.
  3. When that’s finished & you feel you understand everything, head on over to your “launchpad”. This will essentially be your 30 day training.
  4. I caution you “Do NOT try to learn everything about SFI in a few days or weeks. One of the main reasons SFI is so successful is because it has real substance” Learn at your own pace.
  5. There will be about 12 tabs, one of which is your “To-do-list“. That will be your daily,weekly, & monthly duties to complete.
  6. I urge all those interested in joining or already members to PLEASE keep in touch with your sponsors and co-sponsors. They are there to assist you if you need it. There’s also support services you can contact. Forums and the Ask SC section in case you can’t get a hold of your sponsor for some reason. We’re all here to help one another, like a family.

To learn more about my experiences with SFI and what it’s about in full, be sure to check out my other blog post. I hope this has helped some of you who are new to SFI. I may even do a quick run through video of it, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel. If interested in how you can join me in SFI and be apart of my team, feel free to message me, drop a comment below, or check out my website, and I will contact you with the details and sign up link.

Until next time….



2 thoughts on “Strong Future International? [S.F.I]”

  1. hey friend,

    i joined a legit investment program that had interest 3.5% per day
    or paid me 3.5% of my invested money per day and there’s no risk/scam.

    1000% not SCAM!!!

    “we can start our investment just in $1”!!!

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    and we can withdraw it anyime we want!!!:)

    they are registered Company and had a head office!!!
    “Registered in England and Wales. Registered No: 6713827
    1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London, N12 0DR”
    and they had INSURANCEs that can cover our money more than $2 millions!!!

    its easy to become rich mate^^
    life is choice!!!!=)

    God Bless you,,:)

  2. Hey there rex, that was a rather lengthy response lol. But I think I’m aware of the program you’re referring to. Thanks, but no thanks 🙂

    I’d like to keep it neutral and preserve my hard earned money. Thanks for commenting! ^_^

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