-How To Check For A SAFE Online Business-

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General discussion today…but something very commonly asked. In the midst of one of my business discussions with new prospects and friends, I was asked about how to determine if a business is genuine or not and is a decent system that actually works. Well, here are a few tips on what to look for in a GOOD business, and how to spot a BAD one.

  1. Check their reputation.  

What this basically means, is to find out who’s running the company, how long they’ve been around, and if they’re accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau). Many of them already know you’re checking their accuracy &  background. So they’ll post fake BBB badges. Make sure you check to see if the link from the icon directs you to a legit ratings association like VeriSign, or again BBB. Websites like SiteJabber and Siteadvisor are great for examining thousands of websites for spyware, spam and scams.

 2.  Look for their physical address.   

Make sure that the business in question has a physical and accurate address. Try using Google Map to see if  it’s really what it claims to be in “street view“. If not, there’s another red flag.

3.  Grammatical Errors! Photo Credit: Cartoonstock.com

If the website in question carries tons and I do mean TONS of grammatical errors, then it might be a wise idea to take your business elsewhere.  One or two things is understandable, but we all have the power of a simple “spell check” now a days. Reputable businesses are keen on ensuring the rarity of that happening. Usually, the overly gimmicky looking websites that are super flashy are more likely to be faulty and untrustworthy as well. You’d think someone whose SUCCESSFUL in that business would have the proper tools to at least dress it up a bit. Then again, there are some sites with commonly used layouts to attract and appeal to broader audience making it seem legit. Folks, those can be unsafe too.

4.  Security.  

It’s a must to always check the security of the webpage  BEFORE you enter any personal information. Just look at the front of the web address toolbar for the “https” . All domain names start with “http” but when the “s” is added on, it indicates the pages security & any information you put on it is encrypted. Meaning it’s protected. But, that doesn’t mean the business is trustworthy, it just means your information is safe from potential hackers discovering your personal information somewhere else on the internet. Also, try using things like “BillmeLater”  & “ShopShield” to avoid needing to use your credit card information online.

5.  Intuition.  

If everything in your body is telling you there’s something not right about that site or business, RUNNNN lol. Generally, if  it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don’t ignore the signs. 🙂

Well, I truly hope that helps you on your quest in finding something SAFE and reliable online. There’s nothing worse than being scammed, bullied, and ultimately embarrassed when having to explain to family and friends why you’re now in debt. Stay safe everyone and happy hunting 🙂 . If you’re interested in a reliable, safe, credible, long standing business opportunity, then I suggest you check out my facebook, and or website in the “About” section in this blog. Feel free to leave comments, experiences regarding your time online & business hunting or tips I may not have mentioned in this blog 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you.

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