Autumn-Are you ready for it?

Welcome friends, old and new! 🙂

I’m a summer baby but boy do I love enjoying all of the other seasons. I’m so looking forward to AUTUMN! That “back to school weather” I’m sure we’ve all experienced as kids. Not too hot, and not too cold. Boots, sweaters, snazzy hats and scarves. The fashion aspect of it is endless! But what I’m most looking forward to is the foliage. Oh my dear goodness, the rush of excitement I get! [haha] Those colors are just BEAUTIFUL! There’s nothing better than watching nature at it’s best. I remember in grade school, we were given the assignment to find leaves in various stages, whether fully soft green or a crunchy red or orange. We’d trace over or place a white sheet of paper over them, and take a crayon to color on top of the paper bringing fourth the variations of lines and shapes within the leaf. Ah, those good ole days. Brought back some snails as well 🙂 [lol].

Either way, I’m anticipating that very moment! How about you? Tell me how you feel about Autumn and one of your favorite or least favorite moments about it. Leave your comments below ^_^

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Until next time…



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