Growing Cucumbers & Tomatoes

Hello again and welcome readers!

I just briefly wanted to share my experience with growing cucumbers and tomatoes from home. I initially wanted to begin this little journey, because I missed planting, and watching them grow. My mom used to ALWAYS have plants at home, and me and my brother got to name them each and learn their purposes. Of course being as young as we were, we gave them Pokemon names, haha! Those were the good ole days. The living room was full of beautiful green plants all different shapes, shades, textures, and sizes. We had pets back then during various times in our lives, this in particular time we owned an angora Egyptian cat. Beautiful long fluffy white fur, so sweet and so smart! Unfortunately we had to give him away :-(, but I mention Egypt (our cat) because he loved nibbling on the plants (which let us know he was getting sick) a lot of the plants are known to aid the ill.

So any who ->before I get off topic here lol….

I’ve been learning to plant since 1st grade when they had you do a project on growing the Lima bean in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel….ah them days lol. We even had eggs hatched and they were the cutest little baby chicks ever. Such a fun experience! So, for these many reasons, I’ve been really interested in the concept of life, and being able to contribute to it in the best of ways. Plus, I found it to be such a financial relief, to have your own mini garden with the essentials you need, verses paying for something with an unknown origin. *wink wink* (Haha)….So  I started my cucumbers, they were growing just fine as you’ll see in the video, but I transferred them improperly I think and didn’t know to remove the old soil from the mini cup it was in, when entering into fresh new soil. The pot was also too big and didn’t have any holes at the bottom to allow air to circulate and for it to properly drain. The tomatoes, one night I left them on top of the damp soil beside the cucumbers (yes the pot was big enough to fit everything lol) and I slept forgetting to remove it. How unfortunate when I came back to find mold creeping up the sides. They were too young to be transferred and really had been growing much more than it shows in this clip. I was so sad they both were dying and felt a bit guilty. :-/

In short, I will be more prepared for next time, and theirs tons of information out there available to everyone. I wanted to get a feel for things first I guess (impatient ole me). I hope you’ve enjoyed the video, and my blabbering lol. Be sure to keep up with future postings.


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